Work with Diamond Contractors on Your Next Commercial Construction Project

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May 21, 2021
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When building a business, you want construction to be done on time with quality results. We’re here to make sure you get the Diamond Standard right from the start. Whether you’re in need of a rollout, a remodel, or a building for your small business, here are some things to consider when seeking a general commercial contractor. 

What is a General Contractor? 

When you need a major construction project done but have no clue where to start, look no further than a general contractor. General Contractors make sure the project goes smoothly, giving you peace of mind. Contractors wear many hats so you don’t have to. Some of the tasks contractors handle are, hiring the subcontractors, making sure your space is operational, and of course managing the operations while constructing your business space.

Project managers

When it comes to planning and mapping out a project for your business, Diamond Contractors sets up a meeting with your business to discuss your necessities and the time frame for your project. From there, the project manager develops a proposal for the work. Once approved and the project begins, our project managers continue to work alongside the construction team to ensure the successful execution of the project from start to finish.


When it comes to getting things done in a timely manner, you want a contractor who keeps tabs on the project in all phases, from the beginning to the very end. Diamond Contractors keep the standard high in this process, ensuring quality every step of the way while monitoring the general safety and timeline of the project. 

Keeping Construction Up to Standards

Unless we’re building a law firm, there’s a high chance you don’t want to deal with the legal jargon of construction. That’s where Diamond Contractors steps in. With your business in mind, the contractor works on building permits, accessibility requirements, and building regulations for your region. Start your business off on the right foot– in construction and in compliance with local regulations. 

Why Work with Diamond Contractors? 

We have been serving retailers since 1994 with high-quality construction for their businesses. Too often construction is behind schedule or the work isn’t what was promised. We chose to be an outlier in the industry by never cutting corners, and always being a reliable & stress-free experience for any business seeking the highest standard in construction. 

Our Work Speaks for Us

We know most contractors will tell you they have reliable construction with high-quality results, so instead, we show our passion by doing what we do best. We’ve served CVS, Lead Bank, Macy’s, Menards, Kroger, Total Wine, and Dollar Tree just to name a few. We’ve worked with many national retailers on many individualized projects, and we are licensed and insured in 44 states, we keep our Diamond Standards across the country.

How Our Services Match Your Business

Do you need a chain of stores built? Maybe you’re just looking to remodel your retail space. Whatever your construction needs, Diamond Contractors is ready to dive into the work. We offer many services that ensure your business’ needs are met. 

Rollout Construction Services

Retail Rollout Construction is one of our most popular services. With attention to detail, you don’t have to do anything other than hand us the design. We are licensed and insured in 44 states, so we go wherever your business is taking you. This service will give you ease of mind. You can rest assured knowing all of your rollouts are held to the same high-quality standard, no matter where it’s located. 

Expansion and Upgrade Services

Ready for some changes but not ready to move yet? This is a great opportunity for an upgrade or an expansion of your space. We work to ensure every space has the correct design and image to match your look. We also have a service for refreshing your retail space. Does your space feel outdated? Get a revamp with our Retail Interior Refresh. 

New Construction Services

Constructing an entire building from the ground up can be daunting. Leave it to the professionals at Diamond Contractors to construct your ideas into reality. With the resources and specialty to construct your location, allow us to do the heavy lifting for a seamless process from ground break to grand opening. 

Open and Closed Remodeling Services

There are some businesses that can’t close. Whether you’re a university, a store, or a public space like a church, your space deserves a remodel on your terms! With open remodels, our construction can happen during busy times without ever closing your doors to the public, by working overnight, or quietly and unobtrusively as possible during the day, to complete the revision. Closed remodels are also available for those who would like the work done as soon as possible in a more compressed schedule. There’s planning and coordination put into this remodeling project so that you can re-open your doors again as soon as possible. 

Do You Need a General Contractor? 

Construction can be stressful, especially when you have a business to run. General commercial contractors make the day-to-day of your construction project operate smoothly. If any of these services would benefit your business, the experts at Diamond Contractors are ready to get started. Request a quote today.


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