What’s The Difference Between a Closed and Open Remodel?

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August 17, 2022
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Open vs Closed Remodels: What’s the Difference?

Commercial remodeling is a terrific way to improve upon the space you already have. Together with a skilled retail space contractor, you’ll work with existing structures to build out your business. This creates a shorter time frame and fewer costs in the long run. A commercial remodel will also improve the look and value of your property. There are two different types of remodels: open and closed. When choosing between an open and closed remodel it’s important to understand the key differences so you can make the choice that works best for your business.

Open Remodel in Commercial Construction

Open remodel projects are a great choice when you don’t have the option to close up shop. An open remodel allows you to remain operational throughout the process. Companies that greatly benefit from this type of commercial remodel our offices, churches, universities, retail stores, and even restaurants. 

As one of the top Kansas City construction companies, Diamond Contractors is experienced with these types of work sites. We are adept at working on projects that need to stay clean and sites that require zero debris. When we work on your open remodel project, our highly trained professionals are able to minimize disturbances to your business, ensuring that you remain productive and successful.

Here are some things to keep in mind if this is the route you decide to go:

  • Transparency – Keep your clients and employees informed about your renovation plans. Include your reasons for renovating and the measures you’re taking to minimize disruptions.
  • Construction Zones – Restrict access to areas that are currently under construction. Having barriers in place limits both noise and potential health hazards.
  • Safety – Designate someone to sweep the construction areas every hour. Watch out for long extension cords and try to minimize their use. Create a plan to safely close down operations in case of an emergency.

Closed Remodel Commercial Construction

Closed remodel projects are great for jobs that need to happen on tight and fast deadlines. Efficiency and timelines are key to the success of these projects. A closed remodel in commercial construction can range from a small portion of the space to including the entire interior. The benefits of a closed remodel including timeliness and safety. You don’t need to worry about keeping clients and workers out of construction zones. The contractors will also be able to work longer hours and more freely.  A skilled retail contractor will prioritize efficiency and timelines so you can re-open your doors faster. 

Steps of Commercial Construction Remodel

At Diamond Contractors, we’ve broken down our process into 5 easy steps:

Step 1: Make a Call – We’ll make sure you feel like a valued customer beginning with the very first call. Customer service is very important to us and our project management team is trained to put you first.

Step 2: Form a Plan – We’ll take your goals and vision for the project and quickly assemble a fair estimate and timeline. We strive to go above and beyond to keep our projects operating within the promised deadlines.

Step 3: Communicate – As one of the largest general contractors in Kansas City, Diamond Contractors has a dedicated project management team that picks up the phone when you call, quickly responds to emails, and even visits you on-site to check-in.

Step 4: Track Progress – We value transparency and open communication. Call the office anytime with questions or concerns throughout your commercial construction project. 

Step 5: Admire Your Finished Project – We’re dedicated to delivering the Diamond Standard throughout your project, but the best part is always the end result.

Diamond Standard

With Diamond Contractors, commercial construction doesn’t have to be stressful. We’re licensed and insured in 44 states, with over two decades of experience. When you are working on remodeling your business, work with professionals who can give you sound advice and know all the ends and outs of both open remodels and closed remodels. We don’t cut corners so you can be sure the final product will be something to be proud of. Give us a call to request a quote.  We’re ready to help your vision become a reality.


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