What is New Construction?

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January 18, 2022
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New Construction or Rollouts?

Starting a new business can be an exciting time for a new entrepreneur! It can also be stressful. There are so many choices you need to make and one of the first and biggest ones is, where is my business going to live? If you want a brick-and-mortar site you need to decide what type of construction you need. Here’s a guide to help you learn the basics of your commercial construction process.

What is new commercial construction?

New construction is the process of building a new site from scratch. For example, if you’re starting up a new business and want to build your own building, then that’s new construction.

A commercial construction company like Diamond Contractors which specializes in new construction is a great choice for your new site. You should be confident that whatever company takes on your new construction project understands the regulations and requirements for your building type. From breaking ground to finishing touches, it’s a challenging and exciting road, so make sure you trust your commercial construction partner.

The common types of new commercial construction

While new construction is most commonly associated with residential properties, it’s also used to describe the building of commercial structures. Common types of new commercial construction include restaurants, medical facilities, retail and grocery stores, shopping malls, and industrial structures. Institutional buildings like high schools and universities can also be new construction as they are often built from scratch instead of being converted from preexisting structures.

The process involved in creating a commercial building involves more steps than just creating the structure. You need to obtain all the necessary permits for construction, hire architects and contractors and acquire financing. Once that’s done, your team will choose materials appropriate for the structure’s purpose, complete construction documentation such as blueprints and plans, and finally, construct the building itself. The last steps are to secure utility connections and finalize design details, such as furniture or shelving placement, all while ensuring compliance with building codes set forth by local authorities such as fire marshals or zoning officials.

How is rollout construction different?

Rollout construction is the process of updating store interiors in a way that’s carbon copied at each location. Rollout construction can vary in complexity depending on how elaborate you’d like your new look to be, but for many businesses, it’s a quick way to refresh existing stores without investing too much time or money.

Diamond Contractors has experience completing rollouts for companies like CVS Health and Bed Bath & Beyond. While rollout projects need to be completed quickly and precisely, they also need to happen while your business remains open. Make sure you choose a commercial construction company that has the skills and manpower to get it done right.

Choose the Diamond Standard

If you’re looking to achieve the same Diamond Standard as the big-name companies, Diamond Contractors are the people you want to talk to. We pride ourselves on delivering the highest quality experience every step of the way. For almost 30 years now we’ve been providing customers like you with individualized new construction and rollout programs and superb attention to detail. Give us a call to join our family today and make your dream project a reality.


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