Trends in Commercial Construction and Their Impact

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July 16, 2021
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Over the last 10 years, commercial construction trends have gradually changed and fluctuated. With the demand for safe job sites and ADA compliance impacting trends to the public cry for green and sustainable buildings, commercial construction trends have been impacted dramatically. And more recently, With the pandemic altering many industries, we’ve seen some innovative ways to improve commercial construction to meet the needs of the business owner and consumer.

Diamond Contractors has been in the business for over 26 years, so there’s no doubt in our ability to pivot and adjust to the industry’s needs. When it comes to the commercial construction trends of 2021, here are some massive trends we’ve seen occurring.

Safety at the Construction Site

Safety has always been a major concern in construction sites and there are many regulations and precautions that are taken to ensure the safety of anyone working on the construction site, but 2020 brought a whole new safety concern to the forefront.

In the midst of the covid-19 pandemic, it was only natural to consider what safety precaution trends would need to take place to ensure the safety of the contractors. Many subcontractors already protect against some of the main concerns of public health with tools like masks and gloves. More planning before building ensures the project is done on time, and safely, and with the ability to meet with clients with video calls, consulting can be done from a distance. 

ADA Compliance and Accessible Buildings

One of the most important trends isn’t necessarily a trend at all, but more of a guideline for all industries, especially commercial construction– the accessibility of buildings. It may seem like something that has always been implemented, but many of the regulations for accessibility were put in place in the 1990s. Since then, it’s been a necessity to build businesses with ramps and elevators. 

The most recent regulation update was a decade ago, with the 2010 Standards for Accessible Design. This means every building built since has had to meet the standards of the new regulations. Whether it’s a retail space, a restaurant, or a university dormitory, there will always be a necessity for accessible spaces that are up to code. Diamond Contractors is up to date with all ADA compliance codes, so we can ensure a perfect build that is fully accessible to all. 

Remote Technology and Digitization

Technology is always changing and adapting to the needs of all industries, and that’s true of commercial construction trends as well. In the last decade, we’ve seen moves toward digitization in the form of 3D printing, and design programs that can map the entire construction site before the project has even begun. 

Even with much of the work in the world going remote due to the pandemic, many of the tasks in construction must still be done on-site. There are rises in the use of technology in the form of drones mapping the site, which saves time and labor and we are starting to see 3D printing rise in residential construction as some look to 3D printers to build the framework of new commercial buildings.

Another rising tool in the industry is robotic labor. These are fairly new technologies, but there are robots that can do a single isolated task such as brick-laying, painting, and deconstruction. As the industry continues to explore the use of technology in the residential and commercial construction fields, you will be sure to see new standards and trends continue to emerge.

Green Builds and Smart Builds

Every industry has seen a shift toward green living and sustainability. The generations who are now entering the workforce were raised during a time of “reuse and recycle”, and that translates into every aspect of their lives including the way they want to build their commercial spaces. Many businesses are seeking sustainable energy sources such as solar power and dual plumbing systems. Many of these improvements can actually qualify a building for a LEED (Leaders in Energy and Environmental Design) certification. 

Similarly, many businesses are starting to move toward smart buildings. This could include HVAC systems and smart technology systems. The move toward smart buildings goes hand-in-hand with sustainability, lowering the carbon footprint of a business. 

With this shift, there’s been a realization that demolishing an old business to build a new one isn’t always the most sustainable option. As the craze for all things vintage and character rises with the shift towards sustainable living, commercial construction has shifted as well. Many businesses choose to do a renovation of an old building, keeping the vintage characteristics intact, like exposed brick and tin ceilings while updating other aspects so their new commercial space is up to code.

The Rising Price of Materials

Another commercial construction trend that isn’t necessarily good or bad, but happening regardless– is the recent rise in the price of materials. With the pandemic, we’ve seen a slowing of materials, and the rise in the price of those materials such as lumber, plywood, and steel, to name a few. 

This rise in prices was inevitable. With a limitation on working, traveling, and shipping, there was bound to be delays and a lack of product increasing the demand and price of the materials. This made it difficult for businesses to build new. Construction sites have continued through this time, but many of the resources were sparse. 

Many looked toward revamps and renovation over entirely new builds. Currently, the only way contractors combat this shortage is by planning further ahead of time with pre-construction and locking in prices before the build. 

Online Retailers vs. Brick and Mortar

In the last decade, we’ve witnessed the move of many businesses from a brick-and-mortar to an online retail environment. Though this would seem like a negative construction trend in 2021, it’s quite the opposite. Though some retailers are downsizing, others are ready for a change. 

Diamond Contractors has a great remodeling package for redesigning the layout of your retail space. There’s also the possibility of expansions, upgrades, or rollout builds for retailers. We’ve worked with Macy’s, CVS, and Total Wine, naming a few. For every retailer that thrives on an online-only model, there’s another that thrives by giving brick and mortar walk-in service, and Diamond Contractors can certainly provide construction for these businesses.

Commercial Construction & The Diamond Standard

With the ever-changing landscape of commercial construction, Diamond Contractors provides open communication and quality builds that look great. We call this the Diamond Standard. No matter where the commercial construction trends go, we’re always adapting to them. We’ve watched the trends for over 26 years, and can certainly find a way to work with your business needs.

When you’re in search of a commercial contractor, there’s no need to look further than Diamond Standard. Contact us today to request a quote!


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