The Duality of Commercial Construction: Summer vs Winter

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June 18, 2021
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Commercial construction can be considered one of the most integral aspects of the public and private infrastructure sector. Without it, business stagnates, economies dwindle and consumers travel outside of their local communities to find what they are looking for. 

Clients need us to prepare and present a plan and timeline that works for them. While some delays can be unforeseen and require an adaptation on both parties, the contractor and the client must work together to handle the challenges that can arise during construction. The best commercial construction companies can plan ahead and use their wealth of experience and knowledge to plan a project from start to finish in order to minimize delays seasonality might bring. Each project has its own challenges and benefits regardless of when the project starts. Working with a company that recognizes these potential roadblocks is important for the overall success of the project.

Beginning Construction in the Summer

Whether a new restaurant, theme park, church, or commercial retail space, building in the summer has many benefits.

The Benefits of Starting a Commercial Project in the Summer

Weather Conditions – Clearly the most obvious benefit to working in the summer is the favorable weather conditions. The favorable clear skies and “longer days” make the warmer months a much more desirable time to start a construction project, but there are many more advantages to summer construction outside of sunlight. 

Economy – Following the school trend, as school is let out there is typically a rise in tourism that boosts the local area’s economy. As families take advantage of the time off to travel and enjoy the nice weather, they spend more money on their vacations giving the economy a slight boost. This gives businesses an opportunity to take advantage of the strong revenue season and expand on their business.

The Challenges of Summer Construction

Nothing comes without its challenges, and summer construction is no different. There are some challenges to consider when building in the summer that is integral to protecting your investment and your workers. 

Weather Conditions – Just as weather can be a major benefit to summer construction it also has its challenges. As temperatures rise, keeping cool and hydrated becomes more important to avoid fatigue and potentially heat stroke. Keeping water on hand and encouraging workers to dress appropriately can keep employees continuing working at a productive pace and mitigate the health risks of working in the summer. It is also important to observe all local ordinances and regulations concerning building during the summer, which may include regulations on: 

  • When a project can begin.
  • What time work must stop each day. 
  • If construction can happen during peak tourist hours or “quiet hours”.

Timeline // Permits– It is also crucial to make sure permits are approved and filed on time, as the demand for construction increase during the summer months can back up the proper permit offices and create setbacks in the timeline. 

Diamond Contractors is well aware of the benefits and setbacks that come with starting your commercial construction project in the summer. Whether you are looking to build a space from the ground up or just looking to expand your business, we know what it takes to get your project finished within budget and on time this summer.

Beginning Construction in the Winter

Winter construction can be arduous, but will often lead to money saved. Workers can often be seen keeping the site clean and dry from snow, however even with the extra maintenance needed for a work site in the winter, building in the colder months can actually save you on labor, supplies, and equipment costs. Beginning a commercial construction project in the winter may seem like a poor man’s gamble, but there are certain benefits to working in the later months of the year.

The Pros of Winter Commercial Construction 

More Availability – Most projects occur in the summer, leading to an increase in available contractors in the winter. Not only do you have your pick of contractors, but you usually can get a better deal for their service. 

Faster Permit Approval –  Commercial construction during the winter months can lead to faster approval of permits because of the low workload imposed on the corresponding offices. 

The Downside of Commercial Construction in the Winter

While starting a commercial construction project in the winter can help keep costs down and allow you to hire more subcontractors and employees, the season comes with a wealth of pitfalls that a company less experienced could fall victim to. 

Inclement Weather- Snow, sleet, rain, and generally cold weather can be problematic for commercial construction. Without proper planning, a snowstorm can be catastrophic for a construction project timeline. On top of that, unforeseen road circumstances can lead to delays in the delivery of necessary materials on a commercial construction project. 

Damage – Equipment, machines, and supplies can all be damaged during a winter storm. Not only can the excess moisture from rain and snow be a problem, but in general the extremely low temperatures can have a negative effect on your equipment if you do not know how to take care of it. Forgetting to keep your engine warm could spell disaster, just like forgetting your winter coat.  

Additional Quality of Life Measures – During the winter, workers are going to need more on-site benefits. These include things such as portable heaters, temporary enclosures, and appropriate winter gear. Making sure they are safe and comfortable is just as important to ensure a successful project.

Experienced commercial construction contractors like Diamond know exactly what it takes to start a project in winter and end it successfully. Our project managers take into account all potential delays throughout the course of the project to avoid these common pitfalls. When you have a rollout project that needs to dip into the winter months or are just looking for some internal remodeling of your commercial space, Diamond Contractors has the expertise to get the job done right.

The Middle Ground of Commercial Construction 

Commercial construction is a balancing act, a give and take of maintaining client expectations in alignment with the reality of the project and still delivering on the expected level of quality. Diamond Contractors has been delivering on our promises to clients since we were a one-room operation in 1994.  Whether rain or shine, our experience, and wisdom allow us to handle every setback with poise and professionalism. Whether you are a new business designing your dream store or a large corporation expanding to the area, we can meet your every need and customize the builds to your specifications. No matter how complex you think your project may be, Diamond Contractors can take on the job. Contact us to schedule a consultation and bring our expertise and standards to your commercial project. 


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