Retail Store Remodeling : A Guide for Store Owners

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January 17, 2023

If you want to remodel your store or are debating on whether you should do it, take a look at this guide on how it can be done and why you should consider remodeling.

How to Remodel Your Store?

Here are some tips from Light Speed when you’re thinking about remodeling your store…

Why are you remodeling your store?

  • These reasons could be a brand change or outdated fixtures. 

Decide what you want the store to look like.

  • Plan out what would look best for your store. Make sure your remodeling matches your brand!
  • It would be a good idea to have designs, colors, and layouts ready in advance for the designer or architect, so they can do the work properly. 
  • Keep in mind if the renovations can accommodate all the products in the store. For example, if a store looks crowded with products everywhere you move, you may want to consider having more of a spacious store, so everything can fit without looking cluttered. 

Consider your budget. 

  • Renovations can be costly, so managing your budget and putting money aside solely for those renovations would be very helpful. Setting roughly fifteen percent aside will be beneficial to ensure you are not scrambling for funds last minute.

Keep the customer in mind. 

  • You’re in business to satisfy customers’ needs while making a profit from reaching their expectations and desires. If customers see a nice store remodel, it is most likely they will come to your store. 

What will your customers notice?

  • Entrance: Customers will judge a store within a few seconds of walking in based on the exterior and what they notice first within the interior. 
  • Walls: A fresh coat of paint can make the store look newer and give a more modern feel. An accent wall with drawings is a simple, sleek idea, but make sure they represent your brand instead of being randomized.
  • Lighting Fixtures: Brighter atmospheres tend to put customers in a better mood.
  • Flooring: If the floors look ripped, beat up, or outdated, it is time to replace them. Doing this makes the store appear cleaner. 

Time for Renovations

Here are a few considerations for when it is time to go in with renovations…

Figure out what you need and what it will cost. 

  • Decide what you’ll need to buy for the renovations to be successful. New lighting, ceilings, flooring, wall decorations, shelves, or paint must be budgeted. 
  • Determine how much supply you need as well. If you need help, you could speak to a general contractor to give you specific costs and amounts of materials you will need. 

Create a mockup and finalize your layout.

  • Observe your store traffic to see where consumers stand the most, least, etc., to get a better idea of where renovations may or may not be needed. 
  • Have a layout ready to go for the contractor for when the time comes but make sure that layout fits best for your company and consumers. 

Consider DIY versus a contractor. 

  • Some projects are small and minor, so DIY would be ideal because it is cheaper and less time-consuming. 
  • For larger construction projects, it would be best to plan and work with a contractor to ensure it is done correctly.

Plan out a timeline.

  • You want to get things done without disrupting normal business operations. Pick a start date and an ideal end date.
  • Consider potential setbacks, holidays, and special events that might halter the construction process. 

Measure your renovation’s success.

  • Consider your goals for the renovation. Have the renovations improved store traffic, sales, or the general atmosphere? 

Consider a technology update.

  • Finally, think about your business software. Does it need a makeover? Is it consumer friendly? Make sure your technology is modern and up-to-date so operations can run smoothly.  

Why should you remodel your store?

Canadian POS will share five reasons why remodeling is necessary…

It will help outshine your competition.

  • Your competitors could have their minds on other ways to transform their businesses. Take this as an opportunity to show consumers you are moving quickly with the growing and ever-changing market. 

It can enhance brand image.

  • These changes can make your store look modernized and relatable to consumers on a more personal level. 

It will boost customer satisfaction. 

  • Today, shoppers have unlimited options to satisfy their needs, so make sure your store is one to remember. 

It will make more effective use of your space. 

  • Sometimes people will avoid stores solely on their appearance. Ensure your store has an excellent display, optimal light fixtures, and signage. 

It will allow you to launch a “grand re-opening.”

  • When renovations are complete, a grand reopening is a great way to market your fresh look. These sales could help offset the costs of your renovations. 

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