Is Commercial Construction Considered a Critical Infrastructure?

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August 20, 2021
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Businesses are vital to all communities. They help us live our day-to-day lives in society while building the economy and job market. As Commercial Construction experts, we at Diamond Contractors know how integral these spaces are to the business owners and the cities they stand-in. 

Commercial construction is considered a critical infrastructure because businesses and their commercial spaces are vital to the community. At Diamond Contractors, we work with many different companies in different industries to create quality builds in a timely manner. We do this to make sure each company we work with can serve its community.

What is Commercial Construction?

Commercial construction is the building or renovation of commercial structures for businesses with the help of expert designers, engineers, and contractors. When you are looking for a commercial space that is all your own, consult with Diamond Contractors to build or renovate your dream commercial space. 

What is Critical Infrastructure and How Does it Relate To Commercial Construction?

In the US, we have a federal operation called the Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) that determines what we in the US consider critical infrastructures. By definition, critical infrastructures are pillars and assets which are essential to the operation of our society. Some of these pillars would include highways, public transportation, utilities, and buildings necessary to the operation of daily living.  

In 2020, due to Covid-19, the federal government agency CISA released new terms and guidance for what businesses and workers are considered part of the critical infrastructure. This list now includes public workers such as contractors, Heating and Air Conditioning (HVAC), and landscapers. Additionally included are communications of infrastructures like engineers, technicians, construction workers, and restoration workers. 

There are currently 16 pillars of critical infrastructure under CISA. Some of the more commercial construction focused ‘pillars’ include:

    • Healthcare and public health facilities
    • Food and agriculture industries (such as grocery stores and restaurants)
    • Public works and infrastructure support systems
    • Communications and information technologies
    • Commercial facilities
    • Critical manufacturing (such as the creation of materials) 

Even before it was recognized as critical infrastructure, commercial construction had existed between the pillars of infrastructure to create the spaces necessary to operate. Now recognized as one of the 16 main critical infrastructures, we can say (for sure) we are vital to the lives of everyday society. 

As a vital piece of the community, businesses must go on, even in the toughest of times. Working with Diamond Contractors means creating a commercial space made perfectly for your business while also creating job opportunities for your future employers. 

Within the Critical Infrastructure of Commercial Construction

This addition into the new CISA’s guidelines now covers all processes within the commercial construction field. This addition to the guidelines covers all the processes within commercial construction. When thinking of commercial facilities, the CISA guideline includes some of these integral pieces of the field of commercial construction: 

  • Workers who support the supply chain and the creation of materials 
  • Workers supporting e-commerce through 
    • Distribution
    • Storage (warehouse)
    • call-center facilities
    • Other essential operational support functions.
  • Workers in hardware and building materials stores that supply essential supplies
  • HVAC, heating, and ventilation installers
  • Workers supporting operations within commercial buildings critical to safety (on-site property managers, building engineers, security staff, fire safety directors, janitor, and technician/maintenance.) 
  • Lastly, management and staff at hotels or other lodgings to mitigate Covid-19 spread and ensure the safety of essential workers. 

Critical Infrastructures Built by Diamond Contractors

In the last five years, Diamond Contractors has been busy creating vital businesses throughout the US. We built some businesses that were necessary during the current pandemic including drugstores, and grocery stores. Diamond Contractors has done commercial work for clients such as CVS, Total Wine, Bed Bath & Beyond, and Dollar Tree. Many chain retailers are vital for critical infrastructure and daily life across the country. 

Commercial Construction for Decades

Since 1994, Diamond Contractors has been bringing the Diamond Standard across the country. Licensed and insured in 44 states, Diamond Contractors has built integral parts of many major cities across the US. The Diamond Standard is met in all steps of the commercial construction process to ensure your vision is met with the highest standards of safety and time management. 

Whether you require a rollout, remodel, expansion, or new construction, Diamond Contractors is ready to take on the project and make your commercial space come to life. Call us for a quote today, and we can get started on your vision.


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