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November 25, 2021
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Here, at Diamond Contractors, we offer a variety of commercial construction services including rollout programs, expansions & upgrades, new construction, and open & closed remodels. All of these services are guaranteed because we focus on the workplace environment as a company. 

In this blog, we will review the different types of employees that work in commercial construction and just what makes the company culture at Diamond Contractors tick.

Different Types of Employee in Commercial Construction

There are many distinct types of employees in commercial construction. Here’s what you need to know about the project managers, Project Coordinators, and numerous other essential players on any construction team. 

The Role of the Project Manager

Project Managers ensure efficient functioning regarding the timeline of the project. This means they not only help keep the team on schedule but in budget. Our Project Managers here at Diamond Contractors help us maintain the stability of the project throughout its lifetime. And without the presence of one of our managers– projects will be adversely affected in both productivity and profitability.

A Diamond manager is someone who is responsible for ensuring that all their coworkers are performing the tasks on time and within budget. Our managers keep the Diamond Standard through performing the responsibilities of managing costs, working with suppliers, measuring labor utilization, managing risk, and monitoring financial results. 

Without the help of your Diamond Project Manager, your commercial construction project will fail to run smoothly and could be liable to more mistakes and the risk of running off schedule.

The Purpose Of A Project Coordinator 

The Project Coordinator (or superintendent) in commercial construction is the pulse of every project managing the logistics of the projects. These individuals are tasked with working alongside the Project Managers to help manage the overall schedule of the commercial construction team and their individual projects.

A Project Coordinator at Diamond Contractors will focus on budgeting, scheduling, and project maintenance as a whole to help each project manager ensure their project is done on time and within the original estimation. We also may ask them to be responsible for hiring subcontractors and ensuring all the work is completed within budget and on a timely schedule.

The Construction Crew

At Diamond Contractors, we pride ourselves on the foundational work and the little things that add up to a big project. Our construction crew is composed of numerous people with all different sets of skills and specialties. Although arguably the most well-known include: plumbers, fabricators, carpenters, and electricians. 

  • Plumbers – Diamond Contractors work with the highest quality plumbers on any construction project. These individuals typically work on installing water & sewage systems ensuring that your building has a water system that is not only up to code but installed to last. 
  • Fabricators – Another type of employee that is considered a laborer is a fabricator. The fabricators we work with have earned their respect and skill in the art & science of building. These individuals build, install, repair, maintain, or replace building systems such as insulation, drywall, electrical wiring, or plumbing fixtures.
  • Carpenters – A distinguished worker that works especially close with fabricators. The carpenters we work with strive and bring the elements of beauty and function through wood. These carpenters frame up buildings by constructing walls, installing floors, building windows and doors.
  • Electricians – The electricians we work with are focused on the serious responsibility of making sure all electrical systems in your new building are installed correctly. Because it is our promise to assure the Diamond Standard, our electricians will measure and double-check all electrical equipment that may already be in place or that may be installed later on to guarantee the function and safety of all electrical equipment within your building.

A Healthy Company Culture for Commercial Construction

We believe that a healthy company culture in commercial construction has many benefits. For this reason alone, Diamond Contractors prioritizes a positive culture that cultivates a safe and productive environment. 

We believe it’s significantly easier to work when you feel heard; so we strive for a standard that cultivates a stress-free environment and open communication. This mindset of Diamond Contractors helps our employees feel more valued and in a position that generates personal growth and healthy habits.

Employees Have a Voice

At Diamond Contractors we strive to be one of the best commercial construction companies in the industry. We do this through taking full responsibility for our actions. We use an accountable leadership team, an engaged workforce, and a strong culture to reach our goals. Taking stock of our leaders to ensure that they ask questions and listen to feedback from not only coworkers but clients.

Our leaders work to form strong bonds with their coworkers through frequent and open lines of communication. This helps Diamond Contractors stay focused on creating a culture where all workers can feel heard and feel like they are part of something bigger than themselves.

Safety is a Top Priority Throughout at Diamond Contractors 

Above all else, here at Diamond Contractors, safety is our top priority in commercial construction. The safety of our construction workers is just as crucial as the safety of our customers. Our crew must, by all means, safely complete the construction process. This means they always need to be in a state of mental and physical readiness. We ensure this by taking the required precautions at every construction site, including being aware of surroundings and responding quickly when necessary.

The Takeaway

Diamond Contractors can help you with your needs. Everything from our safety practices to our commitment to exceptional craftsmanship is unsurpassed, making it an excellent place for any employee to work and any client to work with. And as a family-owned and managed company, we pride ourselves on hard work and attention to detail. We would love to hear from you at any time.


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