Choosing a Missouri Commercial Construction Company

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September 17, 2021
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When it comes to commercial construction in Kansas City, and anywhere else, there’s always going to be a necessity to find the right commercial contractor for your business. There are many construction companies out there and many things to consider when seeking out commercial construction. Whether it’s the seasonality of your business, type of business, laws and regulations, or general restrictions, going with a local commercial construction company in Missouri is a great idea!

Four Unique Seasons

There’s no way to get around the seasons in Missouri. The summers are especially hot and humid, the winters are snowy and cold. This not only presents a new obstacle for the team working on your project, but the different temperatures and general weather conditions can actually impact the building materials in unsuspecting ways. 

In the winter, the weather may delay a day’s work due to freezing temperatures affecting paint and concrete drying times, or due to the additional coverings necessary to finish indoor projects exposed to the outside cold. Summer has its own weather challenges with the heat expanding the materials, making it more difficult to build correctly. Choosing the right commercial construction company in Missouri will save you a few headaches because they will be prepared to make plans with precaution, and make proper adjustments when necessary. 

Codes and Zoning

Every state has its own laws and regulations when it comes to construction codes and zoning. When a state has statewide codes and zoning laws, it’s in places that require specific building requirements. For example, consider California and how they have regular earthquakes. They have to have statewide construction regulations in place to ensure all buildings can withstand regular earthquake activity.

Thinking of Missouri’s conditions, the state is able to create codes and zoning on a county-to-county basis. This means Missouri is one of 11 states with no statewide control of construction codes. 

The states with no statewide regulations include: 

  • Missouri
  • Colorado
  • Hawaii
  • Arizona
  • Arkansas
  • Texas
  • Wyoming
  • Michigan 
  • South Dakota
  • North Dakota

When it comes to hiring a commercial construction company for your Missouri build, you want a local commercial construction company that can do the heavy lifting, on-site and on paper. Hiring local means they will already have knowledge of the different codes and zoning laws from county to county. 

What Most Commercial Construction Companies Offer

There are many Missouri commercial construction companies to choose from. Do a quick google search for “commercial construction sites in Missouri” and you will find many options. It’s important to find a commercial construction company that works for your project. Some of the top construction companies are more generalized and offer a range of services beyond standard commercial construction. Other companies choose to specialize in a particular commercial niche or building style. Some of the many construction niches include: 

  • Residential construction (not commercial)
  • New Construction
  • A specialized focus (like interior details or eco-friendly materials)
  • Historical Renovation
  • Remodels

The Diamond Difference

Though many commercial construction companies in Missouri may offer one or two unique specialties, Diamond Contractors does a little bit of everything. Diamond works to create a personal plan to complete the construction you need. This could be a new look for your space, a rollout of multiple spaces, expansions on your already existing store, and more. Diamond has been working since 1994 to create the space your business deserves. 

Rollout Construction

If you’re looking for a rollout of multiple locations, consider it done with Diamond. One of Diamond’s specialties and most frequent requests are for the multi-location rollout. Whether it’s a roll-out program that takes a few hours in each location, or a few days or a few weeks – Diamond specializes in the detailed logistics needed to be organized and successful at making your roll-out happen as efficiently as possible.

Proudly Serving: CVS, Bed Bath & Beyond, Payless ShoeSource, Mattress Firm


Is your business in need of a renovation? Diamond can remodel your space to give you a new look. Whether you want to stay open or closed, there’s always a way to get the remodel done in a timely manner. An open remodel allows you to have your doors open to business while Diamond works in the background or overnight. A closed remodel happens when a business is willing to close its doors for a short time while the work is done with the business closed, it moves a little faster and gets your remodel done on a shorter schedule.

Proudly Serving: Restoration Church on Colbern Road, Total Wine & More, Advance Auto Parts

New Construction

Ready for a new building? Diamond can work with you on your new construction from the first designs on paper to your grand opening. With decades of experience building new commercial spaces, you can have the business up and running in no time. 

Proudly Serving: Lead Bank

Expansions and Upgrades

If you’re in need of a revamp on certain areas of your commercial space, you’re in luck. Diamond will work to give your company a great expansion or upgrade. Whether its more space needed or a move toward accessibility and ADA (American with Disabilities Act) standards, Diamond is here to make your commercial space match your commercial needs. 

Proudly Serving:  Stanford University, CVS Heath

The Diamond Contractors Standard

What sets Diamond Contractors apart from the other local commercial construction companies is our personal Diamond Standard. We don’t just focus on the end results. Instead, we work through the entire construction process with a timeline, a budget, and your communication needs at the forefront. If you’re wondering how the process is going at the construction site? Call or email anytime for an update. Open communication is just how we do things with the Diamond Standard.

Ready to start? 

If you’re ready to speak with an expert from a commercial construction company in Missouri, look no further than Diamond Contractors. Request a quote today, and we can get started on making your dream commercial space a reality.


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