Top Kansas City Construction Companies

Are you struggling to find a reputable construction company for your next big project, or don’t know where to start looking?  We are here to discuss the top five largest and best construction companies in Kansas City, Missouri, including a few reasons for their success. We’ve done the research, so you don’t have to! 

Use this helpful guide for all your construction needs. We’ve chosen Diamond Contractors as our top Kansas City construction company due to their reliability and hard work. 

#5: Turner Construction

This company does construction and project management services for buildings, airports, stadiums, and educational and entertainment facilities. Something that stands out about this company is its contribution to sustainability through green building. Green building means the actual structure and the whole process is environmentally responsible and is used to improve the quality of life within our environment. Younger generations respect businesses that have sustainable goals added to their business goals. The company is also ranked first in the Customer Net Promoter Score, meaning customers are loyal to them. 

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#4: Larsen and Toubro

Larsen and Toubro are among the most respected companies in India’s private sector, as they originated there and have since expanded globally into the United States. Their success has relied on utilizing the global market with 60 units in 30 countries, which proves they are well-known and reliable. They are one of the top five construction companies on a worldwide level. This company offers construction and engineering services to commercial projects as well as equipment and machinery used to create weapons and infrastructures. With this, they have high credibility and expertise in technology and manufacturing, enabling them to help carry out projects with the information and resources needed. 

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#3: Burns and McDonnell 

The Burns and McDonnell company has been around since 1898 and is still successful worldwide. They design and build infrastructures to help cities flourish. Their mission statement is: “We do it as we own it” for every project they manage. They offer services such as architecture, engineering, environmental, construction, and consulting. This company has variety, which shows that they are flexible for all of your project’s needs.

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#2: Kiewit Corporation

At number 2, this company has been around since 1884. It is one of North America’s largest and most respected organizations, which proves they are reliable and huge in the construction industry. They work with construction and engineering in many markets, including transportation, mining, chemical, water, and so on. Something that stands out is that they can work on projects of any size in any market, using many of their trained employees who have learned about working in these multiple areas. Having expertise and credibility in multiple branches makes a company, and even employees, stand out, which can create loyal customers.

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#1: Diamond Contractors

Since 1994, Diamond Contractors have provided diligent contractors to complete projects and outstanding customer service, making them reliable and approachable. Many projects have been completed for several major national retailers through construction, remodeling, and rollout program services. Diamond Construction is licensed and insured in 44 states, making their services versatile and easily accessible for most locations you choose to build in. Not only do they work to complete the projects, but they also work with you as the customer to ensure they are reaching your standards and doing the work to the best of their ability. Showing they genuinely care about their customers builds trust and loyalty in the long run. With this, Diamond Contractors proves themselves eligible to be one of the top construction companies in Kansas City.

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After breaking down the five most prominent and best construction companies in the Kansas City area, they each have their specialties and ways of making great customer experiences. We hope you can make an informed decision and find the help you need.

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