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What is Commercial Construction?

Commercial construction is the term used for construction that will result in a building for commercial purposes rather than residential or industrial purposes. Because of this broad definition, commercial contractors can complete a wide variety of jobs, working to build and remodel everything from restaurants to retail. Any business owners looking to open a new location or carry out large-scale remodels hire commercial contractors to ensure everything gets done promptly. Companies like Diamond Contractors can work nationwide to help you carry out your vision. 

Leading Commercial Contractors in Overland Park, Kansas 

Diamond Contractors is a commercial construction firm that prides itself on upholding the Diamond Standard for all commercial construction services, from major retail rollouts to small office renovations. We work hard with our customers to walk them through the construction process while considering their input and desires to complete the project perfectly. Although we are based in Overland Park, Kansas, and are a top Kansas City contractor, we are licensed and insured in 44 states nationwide! Working hand-in-hand with our field staff, our contractors can complete major rollouts and remodels across the country, making your vision come to life. Your input and feedback are a top priority for our company, as we center our service around our clients. Client involvement is a principal part of the Diamond Standard and helps us find solutions to deliver the perfect project for you!

  • Thelma R: “I cannot say enough good things about Diamond Contractors commercial construction company. They are easy to work with, completed our rollout construction project without any issues, and were quick with communication. I would highly recommend Diamond Contractors for your next commercial construction project in the Kansas City area!”
  • Sonia G: “The most incredible contractors I have ever worked with. They were timely, cordial, professional, organized and extremely efficient. I’ve never had as good an experience as I did with Diamond Contractors and their staff. If you have an upcoming project, construction, or remodeling big or small, I highly recommend this company and this team. They will clearly communicate with you, keep you informed of any changes, and even follow up to ensure all needs were met. Best service hands down.”
  • Terra Health Market: “Diamond Contractors designed, constructed, and built the interior and part of the exterior of our store. They are without a doubt one of the best general contracting companies in Kansas City and maybe even the country. They stayed under budget, on time, and made our store look better than we ever thought it could! We cannot recommend them enough for any new construction projects or remodeling jobs. 5 Stars!!!”

Types of Commercial Construction


In the context of construction, commercial construction means construction that involves commercial structures rather than residential ones. This definition encompasses a wide range of possibilities. Commercial contractors do not work on residential constructions, as they require different specifications and checklists. 

Retail Construction

One of the examples of commercial construction you are likely most familiar with is retail construction. Retail construction is defined as construction involving spaces intended to sell products or services to the general public. Retail construction firms focus on producing a project that invites potential customers, encouraging them to spend time inside and return in the future! Diamond Contractors offers retail construction services, remodels, and renovations to keep your store looking fresh and new. 

Office Construction

Office construction can be anything from small offices to large corporate campuses, but they are all intended for business. They are designed to be highly functional and efficient, meaning contractors will emphasize technology infrastructure to promote modern communication. 

Hospitality Construction


Hospitality construction is a term used for projects involving hotels, resorts, restaurants, and other spaces that strongly focus on the experience. Restaurant construction falls within this category but has a few differences. 

Restaurant Construction

Diamond Contractors is also available as a restaurant remodeling or renovation contractor. We understand that restaurant construction requires a different approach than other commercial retail construction due to differing regulations for food service locations. With options for an open remodel that can still keep your space debris-free, we are ready to help you with all your restaurant work!

Healthcare Construction

Healthcare construction focuses on structures like hospitals and clinics that provide services to those who need them. Because of the type of services offered, these buildings usually require additional accessibility features. Diamond Contractors works with providers to ensure that the facility’s needs are reflected in the design.

How is Commercial Construction Different?

Commercial construction differs from residential construction in various ways, from materials to equipment, as they strive to produce very different products. From the original framing of the building, contractors differ in picking wood or steel, which are each more suitable for residential or commercial respectively. This is also where cost differences become practical rather than abstract- steel frames are much more expensive than wood.  However, they are used in commercial construction because steel is better for tall or large buildings that will last for a long time. Commercial building codes can also get very complex, meaning that experienced contracting professionals need to be present to check over the work. For more information, check out our blog!

Inspection Checklist 


An inspection is an integral part of all construction, as it is the final step in the construction process, where a commercial construction inspector checks that the building is ready. When comparing commercial construction vs. residential construction, the checklist has a few similarities, although the systems referenced can be very different. For instance, all buildings should be equipped with HVAC, plumbing, and electrical systems. These systems are examined for functionality during an inspection. Still, the plumbing system for a restaurant, which uses a lot of water and would need to plan around grease traps, would be different from a hospital, requiring many bathrooms to be connected to the plumbing. A residential building would not need such specifications for its plumbing systems. 

All buildings should have their interiors and exteriors examined, but in commercial buildings, the internal inspection should ensure that hazardous materials that might be on site are appropriately stored and that any machinery used is tested. Residential constructions have a simpler checklist. Most importantly, residential homes do not have the same fire safety requirements as commercial buildings, where exit signs and evacuation plans are necessary. This is why it is vital to hire a commercial contractor to do commercial work. Residential contractors should not do commercial work without a Commercial License. 

Where are we located? 

Business Address & Geolocation Map: 4224 NE Port Dr, Lee’s Summit, MO 64064

Welcome to Overland Park!

Overland Park is a suburb of Kansas City located in Kansas. It has a substantial population, a strong economy, a low crime rate, good schools, and abundant recreational opportunities. Along with several major companies that employ much of the population, Overland Park is also home to several beautiful green spaces! 

Fittingly, Overland Park was named after the nearby Overland Trail used by pioneers heading west in the 19th century and today has more than 80 parks and over 1,800 acres of green space, including several trails! There is also the Overland Park Arboretum and Botanical Gardens, which has over 800 species of plants in a variety of themed gardens, one of which holds more than 300 iris specimens from around the world. 

Frequently Asked Questions


  • What is the cost of commercial construction?

Like all other construction, the total cost of commercial construction varies depending on size and location. Commercial construction cost estimates are usually prepared by estimating the cost per square foot, but this can differ thanks to various factors. In regions with different climates, buildings will have different design considerations that factor in massive snow volumes, bumping the price. Similarly, the type of building, from how tall it is to what it’s for, can affect cost. The average cost is around $490 per square foot, although the number can significantly increase and decrease. 


  • What are the types of commercial construction contracts?

Four main types of construction contracts can be found in the commercial business. One is the Unit Price Contract, which is a price-based contract that considers the total price of the project based on each item unit’s expected cost. The contractor is paid according to the rates for each item in the bill of quantity. Another is a Lump-Sum Contract, which is price-based and bases the project total on a fixed price for the activities. The Cost-Plus Contract has the involved parties agreeing on an amount or percentage that covers the builder’s overhead and is then reimbursed by the project owner. The Target Cost Contract blends various methods, having both parties decide on an amount target cost and having the contractors paid based on actual costs plus a fee of the total cost. 


  • Do general contractors do commercial construction?

Some general commercial contractors help manage all phases of the construction project and oversee resources, equipment, and other contractors. These general contractors are essential for guiding the process of large-scale or complex commercial projects. Although general contractors play an important role in commercial construction, you should ensure that they are licensed for commercial work rather than residential ones. 


  • How to get a commercial contractor license?

The specifications for a commercial contractor license vary from state to state, but licensing generally involves a required set of examinations to confirm that the person applying has the necessary prior experience and knowledge. Licenses must also be renewed periodically, as they are only issued for a set timeframe. 


  • What is the difference between commercial and industrial construction?

Industrial construction focuses on structures responsible for the manufacturing and distributing products, such as factories, power plants, and refineries. Commercial construction is primarily for service-oriented businesses and is designed to attract people in places with significant amounts of traffic. Industrial structures are built on sites with easy logistics access, near seaports, airports, or railheads that allow them to easily move their products. They are also generally located away from populated residential areas. Commercial and industrial construction have differing goals and different methods, making them not at all similar. 

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